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Frequently Asked Questions

If these don't answer what you're looking for, create a ticket.

What is Emergency Cheats UK?

Emergency Cheats UK is a discord-based service which provides information for each emergency service in the United Kingdom. ECUK has three information servers, those being Police Cheats, Medical Cheats and Fire Cheats UK.

How do I become staff?

Our staff members are carefully picked and go through a systematic recruitment process. To see when you can apply, keep an eye out for any vacancies which get listed.

Where can I suggest for things to be added?

Each server contains a  #suggestion channel. In there you can provide information on what you are wanting to add, upload it and wait for a response. Sometimes votes may be necessary to see if our members want a particular thing introduced.

I've been banned, where can I appeal?

Every member usually has the option to appeal their ban, unless certain circumstances prohibits them from doing so. If you want to file an appeal follow the appeal page.

I need to report someone, where can I do it?

Instead of members having to create a ticket, we offer a report form to ensure that our staff get the most important information without having to get different bits at different times. To report a member head to the member report page.

I've found an error, who do I report it to?

If you've found an error on anything within our servers, you can report it through the information report page.

Is ECUK planning to expand?

Emergency Cheats UK is constantly looking for ways to expand and improve our services. We would like to focus on the three main servers we currently have, but who knows what the future holds.

How can I partner with Emergency Cheats UK?

To explore a potential partnership with Emergency Cheats UK, simply initiate the process by creating a 'Partnership Enquiries' ticket within our hub and follow the outlined steps. It's important to note that our partners are subject to specific requirements. 

Where can I find the links to all servers?

You can find the link to every one of our servers on the learning page.

How did you come up with the idea of Emergency Cheats UK?

It all started in late November of 2020, where Fred was sending links and information about legislation into Frank's DMs. From there it then went into a google sheet to make it more manageable named "UK Legislation Police Cheat Sheet". However, that wasn't enough we wanted to create something that could be used by everyone. That's when ECUK was founded in January of 2021 by Freddie Page. Since then we've gained a massive number of members which we never though we'd gain and have successfully been operating for nearly 2 years.