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To provide members with the best information, any issues that you may encounter in any of our servers should require a fix.

If you encounter problems such as the following please follow the steps that are also stated below.

Check before reporting

Before reporting an issue, please check if that has already been raised.

To check existing reports:

  Go to the ECUK Public Trello.

  Locate Known Issues/Bugs.

  Check to see if your issue is on there and if it's scheduled to be fixed.

If you cannot find the issue which you have found, you can submit your report by following the steps below.

What can I report?

Please only report the following:

  Spelling errors

  Incorrect Information

  Misleading Information


  Copyright Concerns

*All reports of the above information must go through the official ECUK Information Report Form.

Where available, please do add evidence of the information you are reporting.

Evidence may be sent as screenshots or anything else that clearly shows us the reason for your report.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please report it using the #open-a-ticket channel in the ECUK Hub discord server.

Submit a report