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At Emergency Cheats UK, we aim to provide our members with an environment that is safe and welcoming.

If you see members breaking any of our rules, please report them to us.

Reporting a member

To report a member, please consider and obey the following:

  You can report a member if they are harassing, advertising, involved in leaking, or have an inappropriate or offensive username/avatar.

  Due to Emergency Cheats UK taking reports extremely serious, reports must be real and correct. Fake reports will lead to consequences.

  All reports will be reviewed and investigated, Please let ECUK deal with any issue, instead of putting yourself into a situation.

  Your report should be seen within the first 24 hours of it being submitted, and a ticket should be created for you.

* If your report has resulted in a sanction, you will receive a direct message or be notified through your ticket. 

To report a member, you must attach evidence of the accusation. 

Evidence can be sent as videos, screenshots or any other information that supports your report and highlights violations of our rules.

Needing immediate staff assistance

If you are experiencing a serious issue, and are needing staff to assist you immediately, please do the following:

  Create a discord support ticket in #open-a-ticket

  Explain to a staff member what the issue is.

  A staff member should then deal with your issue in accordance with what has happened.

Emergency Cheats UK is unable to share any details of our investigations with you. However, we can assure you that all reports are reviewed and investigated. We are committed to making Emergency Cheats UK and its servers a safe space for everyone.

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