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Emergency Cheats UK strives to provide a safe and inviting experience for all of our members. We maintain all of our set policies to make sure those who break the rules and join our servers for no apparent reason are dealt with swiftly and professionally. Our staff and human resources team will carefully monitor our servers to ensure that they are used for their intended purposes only, and they will actively remove members who do not adhere to our rules and policies. Appeals may take up to 7+ days to be read. If your appeal hasn't been read within 7 days of submitting it, contact a member of Human Resources.

Before you submit an appeal, review the following:

  If your ban states "No Appeal" it means that you are forbidden to be unbanned. Any submitted appeals will be ignored.

  The account holder is responsible for the account's behaviour. We apply certain actions no matter who was operating the account at such time. 

  Repeated or abusive appeals won't help your case. Further appeals after having a final review may be ignored.

  If you believe your account has been hacked or compromised, contact discord using the Submit a Request support page.

* If you're looking to appeal for The Open Forum, please head to the TOF Appeal page.

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